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Looking back, it seemed unlikely, if impossible, to create a small community where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities could live in peace and joy, sharing social outings, video games and the pure pleasure of having your own stuff in your own apartment… your own life.  “Freedom” one resident calls it.

This model housing community, where residents share activities but each person enjoys his own apartment, is an affordable and safe property managed by loving live-in caregivers.

The first residence opened in September 2014 with a second planned for construction in 2017.  Part of a national grant opportunity, the first residence was one of two projects funded out of 500 applications.  The funding gap was closed by hundreds of donations, big and small.

The building is lovely and the pride of living there is on every smiling face.  According to the sister of one of our new residents, her adult brother with Autism hasn’t stopped smiling since moving into his new apartment.

What it means to the residents and their families made the thousands of dedicated volunteer hours worth it all.

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