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Support Our Community

Benson Community – a journey in miracles.  Funding for the ambitious 24 unit second phase of Sheltering Tree communities came from hundreds of donors and each one helped it happen.  Special thanks go to the Howard & Rhonda Hawks Foundation & the Lozier Foundation as well as a host of other foundations large and small.  The Servants of Mary have joined our family of supporters for the new site.

The blessing of a grateful heart – a thank you to Sheltering Tree supporters.

Thank you for supporting us moving to Sheltering Tree.  We are happy to be moving there.  All the people will be independent and we are ready for that, and to improve our lives with you.  A special thank you for helping and all that you do.  We are happy that your family is here for us, and thank you for working with us.  We always like everything you teach us and help us to be independent residents

Michael, a Sheltering Tree Resident

We appreciate donations!


  • Family pictures on display
  • A place for their collections
  • Storm shelter without windows
  • Secure place for valuables
  • Desk for drawing pictures
  • A place for flowers
  • Pets
  • Sprinklers
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Big Screen TV
  • Place to play video games
  • Place to do crafts, scrapbooking

Still Working On:

  • Exercise and get fit equipment
  • multi-sensory refocusing and relaxation room with swinging chair and special lighting
  • A quiet place to read/library

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