About Sheltering Tree

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our community.

The mission of Sheltering Tree is to serve and empower all persons with developmental disabilities to achieve their hopes and dreams.

We believe that each individual represents enormous potential and unexplored talents, interests and abilities.  Because of this, Sheltering Tree will shape services not just around the needs of individuals served, but also their hopes and dreams, identifying long term goals and creating a road map to address barriers and cultivate meaningful, lifelong development toward independence.

Sheltering Tree believes that all people have the right to enjoy a self-determined and happy adult life.

Our Services

This non-profit 501c3 organization was initiated and is directed by parents and families of persons with developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.



  • Safe, affordable housing where each person has the privacy and dignity of their own beautiful apartment.
  • Caring live-in house parents.
  • Religious support for each person’s individual beliefs and traditions.



  • Day services take participants out for fun and integrate them into the metro community.
  • Employment in a job that a person loves doing or helping them start their own business.
  • Respite care for adults and children.



  • Volunteer activities, weekly and monthly, that help them give back to the community they live in.
  • Community activity areas where individuals can socialize, exercise and learn together.
  • Training modules based on an individual’s interests for four to six weeks leading to hobbies and job opportunities.


Recent Events

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