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Graphic Novel Club Forms After Do Good Week Success!

Community Connections | November 10, 2021

Avid Tree supporters may remember that back in May of 2021 our organization participated in the first-ever Omaha Do Good Week. This unique campaign featured five consecutive days of generosity, emphasizing multiple forms of giving.

The theme for the midpoint of DGW was “Wish List Wednesday.” On this occasion, we called for our community to stock our library, in hopes of starting a graphic novel club. An astounding 223 items were purchased from Amazon that day to back Tree activities, most notably among them were eight complete book sets.

In recent months, the graphic novel club has gotten underway, and the results have exceeded expectations. Between six and ten tenants typically join every Monday night, either in-person or via Zoom. Participants are given the chance to read aloud, bringing different personas to life and setting the scene, as if performing a play.

“I like that we can all read together and make each other laugh with the voices we do for the characters,” Morgan, a book club attendee, said.

Thus far, readers have explored the Star Wars Universe through various stories, including one that is a graphic novelization of the first four episodes of the popular “Mandalorian” series. Most recently, they’ve moved on to another classic, “The Hobbit.” The group truly is ever-evolving, as each new book brings out different leaders based on individual interests.

“It makes me happy!” Daniel said. Leah agreed, stating, “I like that we can be together and have fun reading.”

This new club is a great example of the power of community life and of cultivating relationships. Although every tenant reads at a different level and pace, they are patient and kind to one another, often helping each other out. Of course, this success is all possible due to those who answered our “Wish List Wednesday” call all those months ago. If you were one of those charitable purchasers, we hope you know how much of a difference you’ve made!

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